Larry Jordan

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Larry is an evangelist and revivalist across the southland from NC to FL and on to NM. He preaches at their Mildale Conference and is a member of the Board at Fires of Revival in Zachary, LA.

Larry grew up in Sulphur Springs, TX,  was a track star and graduated from Dallas Baptist College, as did his wife, Donna. He attended Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Ft. Worth. Larry has pastored the Weaver Baptist Church near Sulphur Springs, Calvary Baptist in S.S., in Roswell, NM and Open Door, Raleigh, NC. He led 15 people to become the New Beginnings Baptist Church in Sulphur Springs which grew to 600 in the 13 years he was there. They sent mission workers to Honduras, Mexico, Guatemala and started 10 new churches in the Philippines.

Larry and Donna have one daughter, Melody. Her husband, Dustin Slaton, is pastor of Green Acres South in Tyler, TX. They have 4  small children.



Address: PO Box 135                                             ph: 903-243-2430                     

Sulphur Springs, TX 754833

  June 2020  
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